Vistaprint Creations

Go to and sign up to receive their e-mails. They will send coupons for free stuff! Here are some creations from Vistaprint that we use in our classroom:

This is a great way to inform parents of missing assignments when a student is absent.


We created notecards to give to the parents at Open House so that they woul have a copy of the supply list handy when they went to shop for school supplies.

Here are some business cards that we created and use as homework passes.

These are car door magnets that we created for our classroom. 

 These are appointment cards that are the size of business cards.  These are a great way to remind parents of an upcoming conference.

Another way to remind parents of a conference is to make postcards that remind them of the date and time.

Vistaprint is so great that you can even create your own notepads and personalize them.

These are reading questions designed like a bookmark.  The students are able to use these to ask each other questions when they are paired up to read.

These are good behavior cards that were created on business cards.  The students get a punch on the numbers every day that they do now have bad behavior.  It is also a great way to get the students to move a a quicker pace in their groups.  Ex.  "Who ever gets out their reading book and turns to page 45 gets an extra punch!"  This is a great motivator.

This is something that we like to give to parents at the beginning of the year so that they know what grades that their child is making.  This is a small business size magnet.

These are postcards that are used for group work.  The jobs are posted and there is a place on the back to self evaluate how the group performed on a specific task.

This is a business card used to let the students know how many AR points they will need and the date that they will need to get those points by.

This is a spelling test card. If the students get 100% of 5 tests they get a prize.


A postcard note for the students to wish them a Happy Birthday and to turn in as a homework pass.

Address Labels:

Rubber Stamps:
I use this one to stamp the student's agendas at the end of the day. They earn an "A" if they have a good day.


You can also find stickers on vistaprint and then you can add your own text.
You can also create your own flyer.
Personalize your own pen.
Mouse Pad
Design a t-shirt that fits you!

Tote Bag



  1. Anonymous5/26/2012

    Wow! What great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I'm headed over to vista print now to see what I can get!



  2. Is there a way you can share some of your creations you made already?

  3. All of the pictures above are products that we have made. Are you looking for something else?


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