A Look Around Our Rooms

We would love to be able to share some things that we use in our classrooms. Here are a few pictures that we would like to share.    

Here is a great way to group your students. You put the kids who you do not want to be together on the smaller circle and the other students go on the bottom. Its a great way to group your students. Just spin the wheel!

Click on the link below to view Ms. Winstead's Classroom. 

These are some pictures from Mrs. Glover's class in third grade. She had a brilliant idea to put genre posters on her windows and write titles of books that go with the genre on the window! She just uses a window marker!


Author's Purpose made out of a paper plate.

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Homeworkolopy.com- This is a great way to reward students that complete their homework throughout the week. We play homeworkopoly on Fridays.   Any student that completes his/her homework for the week has an opportunity to play. 

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 These data boards display our class data for each quarterly test.  This allows the students to recognize where our class is and be able to set a goal for where we would like to be by the end of the year. These are the student’s data notebooks.  They are able to keep track of their individual goals.  They are able to track how they did on their quarterly tests and also how they do on weekly tests. We will use these at the end of the year when we will have Student Led Conferences.

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Accelerated Reader
Each student decides on a goal for the 9 weeks.  We split the goal into 25%,50%,75%, and 100%.  The students must meet their 25% goal by a certain date and so on throughout the 9 weeks. The students are able to check the board and see how they are doing.

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Accelerated Math
This is a great way to show students how many objectives that they have mastered.

These are math key that help the students to recognize key words for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Often these key words are found in story problems.

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The students often struggle with fractions.  The often get confused because the bigger the number of the denominator, the smaller the fraction.  This is a great way to show them what the fraction pieces look like.


  1. Terri B NS Canada2/19/2012

    Love all these great ideas...thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I really like the math key words written on keys...a must do for next year!

    Blackboard and Beyond

  3. I love your anchor charts!

  4. I wish my sons' teachers would set up their rooms like this. Wonderful ideas!

  5. How can you see what all you have on the monopoly board? How does it work? Thanks for sharing.

  6. Andrea6/25/2012

    Great ideas, I love the author's purpose pie! Thanks!

  7. I love the data board. What do you write on the paper that has the 2 large circles and lines in the middle. Just curious.


  8. Anonymous7/02/2012

    Kristi- You can google homeworkopoly and it will pull up the template. The students are allowed to play if they have completed and turned in all (but one) their homework for the week. The students roll the big dice and move their name to that space. Some spaces do not have any rewards while other spaces allow them to draw a card. The cards allow the students free computer time, sit with a friend from another class at lunch, sit in the teachers chair, trade seats with another student in the class for a day, etc. This promotes students to complete their homework.

  9. Anonymous7/02/2012

    AMitzell- The first circle tells how the students did on their quarterly test. For example, 85% of our class scored a level 3 or 4 on the 2nd Quarterly test. The second block would say what your class would like to see. For example, We would like 100% of our class to score a level 3 or 4 on the 3rd Quarterly test. The lines in the middle are the things that you are doing in your class to help your students to meet their goal. For example, read 20 minutes every night, complete a nightly reading journal, read for AR, guided reading, etc.

  10. Anonymous7/24/2012

    Hi, how does your accelerated math work?

  11. Hello! We have a time set apart each day for our students to complete accelerated math. It is usually at the end of our math time. I also use it as a early finisher activity. The students complete their work based on how many objectives they have finished. Once they finish an activity they scan their work and it gives them a score. If they score 80% or above it is passing. If they make anything below that I pull that student back and we go over the objectives that they missed. I keep track of how many objectives that the students pass and they earn different prizes for every 10 objectives that they pass. It ranges from a piece of candy to a bag of chips. I'm not sure how accelerated math will work this upcoming school year. I wonder if it will be aligned with Common Core standards? Have you used accelerated math in your classroom?

  12. Anonymous8/15/2012

    I love your data notebook, please share!

  13. We are waiting for our data notebooks for this year to come back from the printer....will share as soon as they do. : )

  14. I was just going to ask about the data notebook! Can't wait to see it :)

  15. They are not back yet...will post as soon as they are.


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