Favorite Sites

Here are some websites that we enjoy. Just click on the title and the link will take you to that site.

Interactive Reading Comprehension
This site provides many different reading comprehension skills which are great for using during EOG practice. 

Math Essentials
This provides math essentials for the students to practice on a regular basis.  These are great for review or morning work.

Math Week by Week Essentials
This website provides week by week essentials for the students to continuously practice.  These are really great worksheets that we have used for morning work in the past.  They work on them Monday and must turn them in by Friday.  I recommend these worksheets. We have not been able to find them in other grade levels. Sorry for the inconvience.

Math Problem of the Day
This sight provides powerpoints from kindergarten to fifth grade that have a problem for your students to work every day. We use these in our math workstations and allow the students to work through the problems for review.

Super Teacher Worksheets
 There are so many different types of worksheets that can be used in the classroom.  This is truly an incredible site and one of my favorites.

Into the Book
 This is an awesome website that teaches students different reading skills.  It is interactive and it talks to the students as they go through the site. 

Mrs. Renz's Math Sites
The website offeres all kinds of different math powerpoints, games, etc.

Mini Writing Lessons
This website offers ideas for different mini writing lessons. You can click on what unit you are wanting to teach and it pulls up resources and ideas for you. 

 Easy Translator
 This is a great site to use to translate papers that you are sending home. In our school we have a lot of Spanish speaking parents. You can type what you want to translate into the box and the website does the work for you!

Study Jams is a free site that is published by Scholastic. This site offers video tutorials in Math and Science. The site also teaches different concepts with songs! My students love this site. It makes learning  more interesting!

Illuminations is a great site that offers lots of math lesson plans. If you teach it Illuminations will most likely have a lesson to go along with it. This website is founded by the North Carolina Teachers of Mathematics but anyone could find it useful.

Brainpop is a website where you can view movies about....everything! This site offers quick educational videos in all subject areas. Some of the movies are free, but for the majority of the videos you need to have a membership. Our school is awesome enough to offer a membership to this site. We use this sight a lot in social studies and math.

 Well I know that you love to blog, so why not have your students join in the fun as well! This site is a great tool to use to have your kids blog to you. We use this site for reading and math stations. We post questions and have the students go into the blog and answer them. You can add all the students in your class for easy access. Love it!

Have you discovered Animoto? Animoto is a website where you can create videos slideshows with your pictures. I've used it some on this blog. You can add music and text to your videos. They have lots of different styles and backgrounds that you can use as well. You can create a 30 second video for free, but if you are an educator you can sign up for a free year of a Plus Account. This allows you to create longer videos and you have more backgrounds to choose from.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on Education and sign up for your free Plus account.

Dropbox is a wonderful way to organize all of you documents online. We use dropbox as a way to to organize our mimios, powerpoints, and documents that are used for each subject. Instead of sending hundreds of e-mails with documents attached we can access our documents in one place. You can also access dropbox from any computer! 
Here is Ms. Winstead's dropbox:

This is a great fourth grade site! Mrs. Renz has all kinds of great resources for students and teachers. She has so many great ideas! Check this out!
 I have really tried to implement current events in my classroom this year. I came across this great site that offers good news for kids. I thought this was really neat, and a great way to get current events in your classroom in a positive way!


Oh if you don't know the wonderful Laura Candler let me introduce you to her! This amazing teacher from North Carolina has so many great resources for all subject areas. I became a fan of her after I first became a teacher and my love has only grown since! Laura also sends out weekly newsletters full of information and has a facebook page that offers tons of resources. I'm sure many of you may know how fabulous she is!

 One of our favorite sites for reading is "Waltke's Web". This site has so many resources for you to use! We use the Scott Foreman Reading Street series to expose our students to on grade level reading. This site has resources for every story in the book. You can pull up power points for the story and vocabulary. There are also web resources to go with the story. It covers kindergarten through fifth. Check this site out! 


This is what Ms.Winstead's Portaportal looks like:

 This website is a great way to keep track of the millions of sites that you find on the internet. You can categorize the sites with what ever headings you want. (e.g. math, reading, etc.) You just copy the websites URL and you can go straight to that site. You may have to play around with the site, but its very user friendly. Enjoy!


  1. I enjoy many of these same sites, and will check out the ones I've never heard of, thanks for sharing. May I suggest one of my favorites VocabularySpellingCity students can practice their spelling words for the week through games such as Unscramble, ABC Order, Dolch-Sight Word, Handwriting Worksheet, and many more. Students can also use the site for Math and Science Vocabulary it is free to join but they also offer Premium memberships. Check it out; I think you will really be impressed!

  2. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I love that site as well!

  3. You guys should also check out www.spellingcity.com! I store all of my spelling words on it. Kids can take a pre-test through the website and use other interactive tools to help them learn.

    I love your blog and can't wait to try your ideas with my fourth graders!

  4. Just found your site through Pinterest and I'm a new follower now! (Plus, we have matching themes, so great minds think alike!)

    Life in Middle School

  5. Anonymous6/28/2012

    Love your site! Are the Math Week by Week standards based on Common Core or N.C. standards before the CC addoption? I can't wait to use it in my classroom this year!

    1. Anonymous7/23/2012

      I would also like to know if there is Math Week by Week for 7th grade

    2. I would also like to know if there is Math Week by Week for 2nd grade

    3. We have only found the Week by Week essentials for fourth grade. We stumbled across this site last Summer. I have searched forever online but I can't find them anywhere else. If I do I will post it on the blog.

      The week by week essentials are based on the N.C. standards before the CC adoption. We still plan on using them in our classroom as part of our math stations. Let me know if you have any other questions. : )

    4. Anonymous8/28/2012

      I tried to go on the website for the Week by Week essentials for 4th and it appears to have been removed. Would happen to have access to these worksheets?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I especially LOVE the week by week resources even if they may not completely line up with my state's current standards, they're close enough that it's good review, practice, or enrichment. Thanks again!

    1. I agree! They are not aligned with Common Core, but you can pick and choose what you want to do!

  7. Anonymous7/12/2012

    I found your site through Pinterest and I love all your ideas - especially your math week by week essentials. Do you by any chance know if 3rd grade math week by week essentials are available? Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!!

    Mokler Elementary

    1. Thank you! We have not been able to find the week by week essentials in any other grade! I'm sorry!

  8. Hi! So many fantastic ideas! I was wondering if the second worksheet you show for Math Essentials was made up just for 4th grade? I'd love to have that one for third. It isn't on the Essentials website. Thanks again!

  9. How would I be able to link to the 3rd grade week by week math essentials practice pages? I have been able to find the 3rd grade version of the first link you have listed for Math Essentials but not the second one you have listed. I would really love to be able to use those practice pages with my 3rd graders.
    Thank you!
    Dianne Rossi

  10. I was wondering where to get the weekly math essential worksheets for 3rd grade? I am able to locate the first link you have listed for math essentials for my grade but not the second one....I'd love to be able to find those for grade 3.
    Thank you so much for your help!

  11. I'm sorry guys, I have looked every where online and can not find any other grades for that type of week by week essentials. There are other grades for math essentials but not for the week by week. I will keep looking though. We just happened to stumble across that website last summer!

    1. Anonymous11/17/2012

      I FOUND THE SITE!!!!!!!!!! It lists the week by week essentials for Grades 3, 4, 5. Hip Hip Hooray! http://mathlearnnc.sharpschool.com/cms/One.aspx?portalId=4507283&pageId=5051238

  12. Hi! I think it is really cool that you like the Math Essentials that I have posted on my website. Is there any way you can add a note to the top that says I do not have them for any other grade level? Our state DPI created them and had them on their webpage. They were created as Publisher files and lots of my parents could not open them so I saved them as PDFs and posted to my page. With the move to Common Core, DPI took them down. I have checked with everyone I know and no one saved the other grades. They are a great resource and I would love to be able to share them, but I just don't have them. Since they have gone on Pinterest, I get over 20 requests a week for them. I am trying to respond to everyone but it's getting pretty time consuming.

  13. The Week by Week Essentials can be found on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Website. Click on K-12 Curriculum, then Mathematics on the left side bar. Next, click the Elementary or Middle Grade Resources in yellow.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Great resources. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Anonymous8/12/2012

    This link has the Math Essentials Week by Week for Grades 3-5.


  16. The Week by Week Essentials can be found on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Website. Click on K-12 Curriculum, then Mathematics on the left side bar. Next, click the Elementary or Middle Grade Resources in yellow.

  17. Love the collection of sites! I use a lot of them myself so I shared your post on my blog. Thank you so much!!


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