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  1. Anonymous11/22/2011

    Your blog is fantastic!!!! You girls are amazing!!!

    Love ya! Laura

  2. Anonymous1/28/2012

    You have some amazing anchor charts. I especially love the author's purpose chart.

  3. Thank you so much. I'm glad you can use the resources! : )

  4. Sally Gunn5/16/2012

    I'm very interested in the Math Week by Week Essentials worksheet that you recommend. It has a problem for Monday - Friday on it and then Keeping Skills Sharp / Mental Math / and Solve This on another page. Very concise - looks like a great spiraling review.
    I'd really like to see this for other grades, as well. I can't seem to find this version - only can find the Week By Week version that is not in the same format of M-F.

  5. Anonymous7/02/2012

    I just started follwing you and loved the 4th grade math weekly essentials for bell work. Would you happen to know if there is one for 3rd and 5th? I am a Miami-Dade County teacher and we are starting Common Core next school year. Thanks!

  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me how you play homeworkopoly. I was also wondering how you made the board? Could you email me? Thanks so much!!!

  7. Newest follower here! Already added you to my blogs read list. I'm a new blogger as well.



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