Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Have you discovered Edmodo?

Happy election day! I hope that you all found your way to the polls today to cast your vote. I wanted to talk about the excellent teaching tool, Edmodo. I was introduced to Edmodo this school year, and I have loved every second of it! Edmodo is a free website where you can interact with students, students can interact with you, and students can interact with students. Edmodo can be accessed from a computer and they also have a great I-Pad app.

With Edmodo you have the capability to post assignments, polls, and quizzes for your students to see. Once you and your students have created an Edmodo account you can begin. Today, I used Edmodo to have my students cast a vote for president.

I use Edmodo every day in my math stations. Edmodo is a great way to differentiate assignments because you can create groups within your class. Here's what the students will see when you post an assignment.

I have also used Edmodo in literature circles. I post assignments to students and they can answer questions about the book that we are reading. Check out this great article about different ways that you could use Edmodo in your classroom.

Here is another great slide show that I found online. It has some interesting ways to use Edmodo in your classroom.

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