Monday, October 22, 2012

QR Codes

Hello! It has been a while since we have blogged! We have missed you guys! Life is so crazy this school year. Common Core has really taken over our lives! I have started Grad school this semester to earn my Master's degree. I never realized how hard work, school, and being a wife could be!!

Alright, enough really is great! I wanted to share with you my latest obsession...QR CODES! QR Codes are the little codes that you see everywhere now. You can see these codes in magazines, books, and even on your fruit! They are a great and easy way to get more information.

Well this year, I have started using QR codes in my classroom. I have a QR code on the board for my students to scan their morning work, I use them in math stations, and reading stations. I wanted to show you how to make these codes today! I use the website GOQR.ME. I really like this website. It is a free and easy way to generate QR codes.

You simply type into the box what you want your students to see when they scan the QR code. I'll share more about how I have used QR codes in my classroom in a later post! Try creating your own QR codes. Have you used QR codes in your classroom?


  1. I would love to use QR codes in my classroom, but we just don't have access to all the electronic devices we would need! I'm hoping to have a couple "Bring Your Own Technology" days this year so that my kiddos can have experience using them! Do you have a one-to-one classroom?

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  2. I am lucky enough to have access to an I-Pad cart for about 2 hours of my school day. I have a personal I-Pad, I-phone, and one teacher I-Pad. So it is pretty easy to implement the QR codes in my classroom. I think the "BOYD" day is a great idea! What grade do you teach?

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