Friday, October 26, 2012

QR Codes Continued...

On the last post I talked about how I had started to incorporate QR codes into my classroom. For a quick review let me talk about how you can create QR codes. Its very simple! You can go to any QR generator website. I prefer the website "Go QR.ME" simply because its really simple and easy to use. Once you go to the website it will prompt you to this page:

You can type in text or a webpage address. I use the snipping tool on my computer to copy and paste the QR code into a word document. You can also download the QR code to your computer.

Okay! So once you have created your QR code let's talk about what to do with them! I use them a lot in my math stations. I will type in problems in the QR generator and my students scan the problem and solve it. You can also use the QR codes as a way for students to check their work after they solve a problem. I plan on using these a lot more in my classroom, and I can't wait to share with you guys how I've used them!

Below you will find some of the worksheets that I created for my math stations.

QR Partial Products

Multiply by 10s QR Codes


  1. Thanks for sharing your QR code uses! I'm a big fan of the QR code and the potential it has in the classroom. Please stop by and visit for my latest QR Scavenger hunt initiative!

  2. I understand QR codes and how to make them. I use them in my class. My problem is how to scan them? I use my phone. Is there another way to scan the QR codes? Thanks for your blog!


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