Saturday, August 25, 2012

I-Pads in the Classroom

Happy Saturday! I hope that you all have had a good start to your school year. We have been busy, busy getting back into the groove of things! I have been blessed this year to be part of an I-Pad pilot classroom. I wanted to share some of the great Apps that I have used with my class so far this year.

One of the best apps has been an app called Nearpod. This is a FREE app where you can download presentations, and present the presentations on individual I-Pads. There is a teacher app and a student app. You have to download both. The students open the student app on their I-Pads and the teacher gives them a launch code for the presentation they want the students to use.

 The best part about Nearpod is that you can make it interactive. The students can write in an answer. You can add a poll or a quiz. You can check the student's understanding after they solve and answer questions.

I have been using Nearpod for my math lessons and my students are so engaged in the lesson!! Has anyone else tried using this great app in your own classroom?

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