Thursday, April 19, 2012

EOG Check Cards

EOG are right around the corner and we have been working hard to get our students ready! Our students often go through EOG review and practice. It is so hard to make this type of review fun for the students. We pass out the passage and allow the students to answer the questions on their own. We then read the passage together and go over the answers. We write the students names or team name on the board. The students use these EOG cards to show what they chose as their answer. If they get the answer correct, we put a point next to their name or team name. After going over it, the group that gets the most correct gets a piece of candy. If I am checking for each individuals answers, they will recieve as many jelly beans as correct answers. These EOG cards are a great way to check to make sure your students are on choosing the correct answers.

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