Thursday, March 8, 2012

Comparing Fiction and Non-Fiction Continued....

As you may have read earlier this week we have been busy working with our students on understanding the differences between fiction and non-fiction text. Today we talked about the different types of text that are considered fiction and non-fiction. The students brain stormed the different types of text. We came up with this anchor chart based off of what the students came up with.

After that we had the students look at a non-fiction and fiction book. We asked the students to think of same ways that the books were alike and different. The students filled in their ideas on a venn-diagram. From their ideas we created this anchor chart.

We then put the students into small groups. We put different non-fiction and fiction books at the student's desk. In their groups the students examined each of the books. They decided whether the books were fiction or non-fiction. Then the students wrote down how they knew what genre the books were. For example if the students had the book The Mitten, the would check "Fiction". They could put that they knew it was fiction because it had talking animals. Here is my class completing this activity. The worked so hard!

You can download the worksheets that we used below! We hope that you can find these activities useful in your classroom. I really think that our kiddos learned a lot! Comparing Fiction and Non-Fiction Books


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