Monday, January 9, 2012

Teaching Mysteries

Carole Marsh is a wonderful mystery writer that creates her mysterys at real places around the United States and world. Since we are from North Carolina, naturally we would pick mysteries related to our state. We are currently reading The Mystery of the Biltmore Estate (Mrs. Childress's class) and The Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate (Ms. Winstead's class). We found a great website by Beth Newingham which provides some wonderful resources for teaching with mystery books in your classroom. We created maneila envelopes with the Detective Case File form on the front. On the back, we provided mystery words and definitions so the students could refer back to them while reading the mystery. We provided the sheets so that you can just download them. We hope that you are able to use these resources in your classroom! Beth Newingham- Carole Marsh- Here are some questions that I created to go along with The Mystery of the Biltmore Estate. The Mystery of Biltmore House
Detectives Suspect List Detective Dictionary Detective Clue Clipboard Detective Case File Cover


  1. Great resources, thanks for sharing!

  2. This is awesome! I can't wait to use this next year. Thanks for sharing!

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